1. Relevance in our Times, Seasons and Generaton Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 23.06.19 50.00
  2. Effective Fatherhood 16.06.19 Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 45:59
  3. Reaching People and Touching Lives 09.06.19 Pastor David Dando 42:22
  4. Relevance in Our Times, Seasons & Generations: Through the presence and strength of the Lord 02.06.19 Pastor Abraham Sackey 54:41
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The Apostolic Church ANC

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Welcome to the All Nations Centre Kennington

a vibrant spirit filled church, committed to prayer, praise and people.


Passion For Praise

Passion For Praise

Psalm 100 says we should ‘ make a joyful noise unto the Lord’.

Every service at ANC is a joyous celebration of God’s grace and mercy upon our lives.

Passion For Prayer

Passion for prayer

As a church and part of the body of Christ we believe in the power of prayer and we have several opportunities during the week for you to join and experience breakthrough in your life.

Passion for People

Passion for People

The church is not a building.
It is the people and all “All Nations’ Centre” projects seek to serve the people who attend the church as well as those in the wider community.


Have you heard the news? We’re on social media!

Thank you to everyone who is following us on our updated Facebook page. Please continue to share upcoming events with family and friends.

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Do you know what’s happening this month?

Our monthly information booklet lets you know absolutely everything  that is happening at ANC. It also includes a monthly Bible reading plan which helps you to read the Bible over the course of the year. Download it today!

How can we play our part in the 2020 vision?

The Apostolic church is a misional church. Find out how you can support, pray and give financially to missional work around the world.

Come join us on Pentecost Sunday at Trafalgar Square

On Sunday 9th June churches  from across the country will be meeting for a Prayer Festival Celebration  at Trafalgar Square, London.  The event will be hosted by Thy Kingdom Come and the focus is prayer. Let’s join together and pray ‘ Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ as we intercede on behalf of our nation.

How to walk in the presence and strength of the Lord

All who attended would agree that last month’s prayer and fasting week at ANC was an explosive time in the presence of God. The theme was Walking in the presence and strength of the Lord and throughout the week we sang, prayed, and declared that God’s presence would be with us.

We now have videos of all the sessions and a declaration booklet to be download so please read more and follow the links

[wvc_testimonial_slider][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I received supernatural strength with declarations.” name=”Sister C”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I was trusting God to meet me at the point of my need and He has indeed proven himself strong during this prayer and fasting week. Glory be to God.” name=”Sister Hannah”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I have been blessed in this prayer and fasting week. I have learnt more about the power of the word of God by confessing declarations. I believe God.” name=”Sundari”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”The presence of God was evident in the meetings.” name=”Sister Busola”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”God has visited me in new way.” name=””][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Prayer and fasting is very important to a Christian’s life and is the way to communicate with God.” name=””][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”The declarations have encouraged me to know that God cares so much about me.” name=””][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”We were reminded of and encouraged to keep declaring God’s strength over our lives, families, church and the nation at wide. To be in God’s presence is the greatest place to be.” name=””][/wvc_testimonial_slider]

How to support the ministry

There are many ways to support the church, one way is financially and now we have made it easier to give online. Click to below to access more information.

Upcoming Events

Sunday Church Service Times

[wvc_bigtext text=”9:15am | Morning Prayer Meeting
10:00am – 12:00pm | Worship Service
12:30pm | Afternoon Prayer Meeting
1:00pm – 3:00pm | Worship Service” font_weight=”700″]

1st Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 10.00am

2nd Sunday of the month
Dedication of Babies | 1.00pm

3rd Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 1.00pm

All are welcome to attend our church. On Sundays, prayer meetings starts at 9:15 am and our main meetings start at 10:00 am

This session is comprised of praise and worship and the preaching of the Word of God. Read more to find out the beliefs of the church.

The second service starts with prayer meeting at 12:30 pm followed by the main session at 1:00 pm. This also involves a time of praise and worship and preaching of the Word.

Our meetings normally last two hours, however, on special occasions the time may be extended.


If it is your first time you are most welcome to proceed to the hospitality area to the right of the stage through the open doors where you will be greeted by the hospitality team.

Otherwise we always have hot beverages provided just outside the kitchen.

Cell churches and prayer meetings are held in various locations across the city, on Thursdays and Fridays unless stated otherwise.

Church groups

Church groups are an important part of the church. It is a great way to grow in faith and fellowship. Find out the vision for each group aswell as upcoming events!

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How to get to church

Write to us

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