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The Apostolic Church ANC

Welcome to the All Nations Centre Kennington

a vibrant spirit filled church, committed to prayer, praise and people.




Sunday Church Service Times

9:15am | Morning Prayer Meeting10:00am - 12:00pm | Worship Service12:30pm | Afternoon Prayer Meeting1:00pm - 3:00pm | Worship Service

1st Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 10.00am

2nd Sunday of the month
Dedication of Babies | 1.00pm

3rd Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 1.00pm

Welcome to All Nation’s centre. We have our Family services on Sunday mornings. We look forward to seeing you there! 

The service involves a time of Praise and Worship and teaching from the Word of God.

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How are you making 2020 missional?

Wait, I thought every  year was missional?

Yes that’s correct it is, but this year we are  celebrating our  latest mission which was 20 nations, 2000 new churches, 200.000 new believers by 2020! Data is still  being collected but regardless it is  still up to us as individuals, families, communities, cities and nations to win souls for Christ! Download this month’s missionary report and find out what is happening around the world. Visit the missionary website and help support the teams through prayer and donations!

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Have you been baptised?

Recently, we had a baptismal service. There were six participants who had decided to publicly demonstrate their commitment to God. Click to see photos that captured the event!

Missions Report: Find out what is happening around the world


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Church groups

Church groups are an important part of the church. It is a great way to grow in faith and fellowship. Find out the vision for each group aswell as upcoming events!


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