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The Apostolic Church ANC

Welcome to the All Nations Centre Kennington

a vibrant spirit filled church, committed to prayer, praise and people.




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Sunday Services

9:15am Prayer Meeting

10:00am Main Worship Service

12:30pm Prayer meeting

1:00pm Second service

Prayer Meetings

Prayer Meetings

As a church and part of the body of Christ we believe in the power of prayer. Join us on Saturday mornings @8am-11am ( 1st and 2nd week of the month) & Mondays evenings 6:30-7:30 pm ( also 1st and 2nd week).‘ The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results’ ( NLT James 5:16)

Are you involved? Are you new to church?

Fellowship is a key component of the life of the church. At ANC there are various groups that you can join to keep you engaged, supported and encouraged! Join a group today!

Weekly Cell Groups

We have various cell meetings which involve prayer and Bible studies. Regardless of where you are on your journey all are welcome. Find out your local group and join this week!

Latest ANC News

Keep up to date with all the upcoming events at ANC.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,

 baptizing them in the name of the

Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

and teaching them to obey everything

I have commanded you. And surely

I am with you always, to the very

end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20 NIV

Kennington District Convention

All are invited to the Kennington District Convention of the Apostolic Church  which starts on Friday August 23rd  and ends on Sunday August 25th.
The theme is Who is Like  You, O Lord, Among the Gods?  You Alone are awesome in glorious deeds, You alone do wonders. 
The convention kicks off with An Evening Of High Praise – focusing on Psalm 47 and 147.   
There’s a special service on Saturday 24 Aug at 5pm and concludes on Sunday 9.15 am with a celebration of all that God has done.
Rev David Shosanya is the guest speaker.
The church has prayed that God will reveal himself in a special way to each attendee during the convention, that heaviness will be lifted, people will be released and God be glorified.
Those who can’t attend in person can log on via live stream on YouTube.
District convention


Next month ( 20th-22nd September)  is the annual Men’s retreat. This year the theme is’ X -Men, Men doing eXploit’ which is based  on Daniel 11: 32b  ‘They that know their God shall be strong and do great exploit’.  The guest speaker will be Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe, former National Leader of the Apostolic church UK.

If you are a men and you desire to do greater things, read on and find out how this weekend can impact your life for the better!

Are you on a mission?

This year the ladies fellowship titled their annual meeting’ Partnering with Jesus for Kingdom growth‘. It was based on the vision of the year ‘A missional women’. The session started with a welcome prayer by the woman’s leader Emma Aiyere followed by the introduction of our main speaker by Diane Akinmboni.

The main training session was  conducted by a women called Lyndsey Seale who shared practical strategies and tools on how to win souls for Christ in the workplace or on the streets. She used the scriptures Mark 4:26-29 to show us that the field is our entry point. This could be anywhere- the shops, streets, work, hairdressers, bakery, e.t.c but it was our responsibility to enter that field and sow seed. Our problems as Christians, she told us, is that there are barriers to each entry point of sowing, disciplining, and gathering, which we need to overcome in order to be successful in this area.

We were encouraged to care through prayer. This required us to do the following:

  1. Use circumstances to engage with people- Ask them how they are?
  2. Ask them how they are being impacted by this situation- How is the sickness/stress/problem making them feel?
  3. Offer help- How can  you help with this?
  4. Pray with them over it.


Lyndsey stressed that this method had worked again and again and she was able to give testimonies of the amazing opportunities she and others had  using it. However, she did remind us that people in London are busy and we should never feel discouraged if someone does not have the time for prayer.

Midway we had lunch which is always a delight, then later in the afternoon we were put into groups and commissioned (released is  probably a better word) to go to neighbouring streets and put into practice what we had just learnt.

When we filtered back for feedback we discovered that the strategies were very easy to implement and we promised to use them in the future.

Our thanks go to  Lydnsey and the team for all their knowledge and enthusiasm in this area!

Informative and helpful. An opportunity to bond!Sister Angela

Very practical! I feel encouraged to share my faith!Sister Francesca

It was good, especially when we prayed for men!Sister Millie

Practical evangelism made easy!Deaconess Sandra

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What's happening this month?

Our monthly information booklet lets you know absolutely everything  that is happening at ANC. It also includes a monthly Bible reading plan which helps you to read the Bible over the course of the year. Download it today!

Where in the world are we?

Missions is at the heart of the Apostolic Church and each month we receive missionary reports on the progress of churches around the world. Mission work abroad can often be dangerous and challenging so please join us as we pray strategically.

This is a map which shows where the Apostolic church is in the world. The orange highlights the countries without an Apostolic presence!

How you could support the ministry

There are many ways to support the church, one way is financially and now we have made it easier to give online. Click to below to access more information.

Now you can listen to sermons online, so click here and play sermons in your own time.

  1. Convention Day 3 - Who is like you, O Lord Revd David Shosanya 53:23
  2. Convention Day 2 - Who is like you, O Lord Revd David Shosanya 46:08
  3. Your Condition Is Not Your Conclusion 18.08.19 Pastor E. Olokode 46:34
  4. You Are Not Forsaken 11.08.19 Pastor E. Bajomo 42:02
  5. Take the Next Step (Today) 04.08.19 Elder Soji Oguntonade 53:04

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Upcoming Events

Sunday Church Service Times

9:15am | Morning Prayer Meeting10:00am - 12:00pm | Worship Service12:30pm | Afternoon Prayer Meeting1:00pm - 3:00pm | Worship Service

1st Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 10.00am

2nd Sunday of the month
Dedication of Babies | 1.00pm

3rd Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 1.00pm

All are welcome to attend our church. On Sundays, prayer meetings starts at 9:15 am and our main meetings start at 10:00 am

This session is comprised of praise and worship and the preaching of the Word of God. Read more to find out the beliefs of the church.

The second service starts with prayer meeting at 12:30 pm followed by the main session at 1:00 pm. This also involves a time of praise and worship and preaching of the Word.

Our meetings normally last two hours, however, on special occasions the time may be extended.


If it is your first time you are most welcome to proceed to the hospitality area to the right of the stage through the open doors where you will be greeted by the hospitality team.

Otherwise we always have hot beverages provided just outside the kitchen.

Cell churches and prayer meetings are held in various locations across the city, on Thursdays and Fridays unless stated otherwise.

Church groups

Church groups are an important part of the church. It is a great way to grow in faith and fellowship. Find out the vision for each group aswell as upcoming events!


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