1. Don't Walk Away Choose His Way Pastor Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 20.01.19. 48:40
  2. You Need A Friend Part 2 Pastor Sackey 13.01.18 1:10:19
  3. Day 3 Serve God With Conviction Ps V Jibuike 11.01.19 27:39
  4. Day 2 - Consecration, Worship and Service ( Worship) Ps E Mbakwe 10.01.19 30:19
  5. Day 1 - Consecration, Worship and Service ( Consecration) Deaconess Tope 9.01.19 35:42
  6. You Need A Friend Part 1 Pastor A Sackey 06.01.19 1:04:01
  7. New Year's Eve Message Pastor Mbakwe 31.12.18 45:51
  8. Give the Christ Your Very Best Ps Sackey Ps Sackey 30.12.18 1:02:45
  9. For unto us a child is born, and we have come to worship Him Ps A Sackey 25.12.18 20:30
  10. Give the Christ your very best- Give your life to Christ Ps Bajomo 23.12.18 32:38
  11. Give God Your Very Best Ps Victor Jibuke 16.12.18 55:33
  12. Give God Your Very Best Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.12.18 43:06
  13. Doing All That You Can For Christ Ps Olokode 02.12.18 41:07
  14. Shift- Lord help me to rise to the next level Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 25.11.18 43:27
  15. Samson The Enigma Ps Abraham Sackey 18.11.18 51:46
  16. God will restore the wasted years Ps Jibuke 11.11.18 45:34
  17. Grace Matters (In My Ministry As National Leader) Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 58:18
  18. The Healing Ministry Elder Sam Ajibola - 02.09.18 37:39
  19. The Cry Of The Widow Ps Vincent James 19.08.18 38:34
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The Apostolic Church ANC

Welcome to the All Nations Centre Kennington

a vibrant spirit filled church, committed to prayer, praise and people.


Passion For Praise

Passion For Praise

Psalm 100 says we should ‘ make a joyful noise unto the Lord’.

Every service at ANC is a joyous celebration of God’s grace and mercy upon our lives.

Passion For Prayer

Passion for prayer

As a church and part of the body of Christ we believe in the power of prayer and we have several opportunities during the week for you to join and experience breakthrough in your life.

Passion for People

Passion for People

The church is not a building.
It is the people and all “All Nations’ Centre” projects seek to serve the people who attend the church as well as those in the wider community.



Watch night 2018 was a truly joyous occasion. The hours flew by as we counted down a new year in an atmosphere of praise and worship. It was also an opportunity to reflect as a church on the many areas of service that have contributed to the success of ANC and have brought glory to God. An end of year video was presented on the night and is now available for you to watch again and again if you click the button below.


4 Days of Prayer and Fasting

This January ANC came together to fast and pray. The topic was consecration, worship and service. From Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th the church was open all hours for people to wait upon the Lord. Every hour there was prayer with specific prayer points and each evening there was a sermon. Click below and be blessed by these powerful messages!


Our monthly information booklet let’s you know absolutely everything about that is happening at ANC. It also includes a monthly Bible reading plan which helps you to read the Bible over the course of the year.


Action Overseas is the missionary arm of the Apostolic Church. Find out more about church planting, training and discipleship, opportunities to engage in mission and lots more. Also read about the 2020 vision and find out how you can take part!

Highlights from 2018

Sunday Church Service Times

9:15am | Morning Prayer Meeting10:00am - 12:00pm | Worship Service12:30pm | Afternoon Prayer Meeting1:00pm - 3:00pm | Worship Service

1st Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 10.00am

2nd Sunday of the month
Dedication of Babies | 1.00pm

3rd Sunday of the month
Communion Service | 1.00pm

All are welcome to attend our church. On Sundays, prayer meetings starts at 9:15 am and our main meetings start at 10:00 am. Opening the service with a time of praise and worship followed by announcements, a special welcome to all newcomers, an opportunity to give tithes and offerings* and ends with the preaching of the Word.

*Giving is completely voluntary and you are under no obligation to bring an offering or tithe as a visitor. Read more about our beliefs & offerings.

The second service starts with prayer meeting at 12:30 pm followed by the main session at 1:00 pm. This also involves a time of praise and worship and preaching of the Word.

Our meetings normally last two hours, however, on special occasions the time may be extended.


We cater for those with disabilities. Although our main hall is easily accessible, you may notify one of our many friendly stewards if you require any further assistance.

We also have disabled facilities located next to the ladies toilet, accessible from the main entrance hallway.

Prayer Time

During the main meetings there may be an opportunity to go forward for prayer for specific areas of need.

Please feel free to go up or speak to a steward after the meeting if you require further assistance.


If it is your first time you are most welcome to proceed to the hospitality area to the right of the stage through the open doors where you will be greeted by the hospitality team.

Otherwise we always have hot beverages provided just outside the kitchen.

Cell churches and prayer meetings are held in various locations across the city, on Thursdays and Fridays unless stated otherwise. You may also find out about other upcoming events and recurring activities on our events calendar.

Church groups


ANC Ladies

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ANC Kids

find out more


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ANC Youth

find out more

How to get to church

Write to us

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