Special Report

Greetings and Trust all is well.
The 20 years anniversary of TAC Tema Community 5  has been a real time of teaching and sharing from different church settings.The seminars have been good. Apostle Amin-Narh started  Day 1 with The TACC5 story. It was one of transformation, a learning curve.
Then Apostle Mbakwe continued with the topic Dealing with conflicts in Christian Leadership.  It was very practical.
There are eight causes of conflict:
1. resources
3. perception
4. goals
6. roles
7. personal values
8. unpredictable policies.
Yesterday we heard from the largest Pentecostal Denomination that came out of TAC – The Church of Pentecost and we also heard from Equippers –  TAC NZ.
We continue until Friday.
M & A. Sackey


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