Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 12th May 2018

This is to testify to the glory of God and His faithfulness as the one that says yes, and it stands.

I was having some issues at my workplace and kept on praying about it. During the October prayer and fasting, there was an altar call that those having issues at place of work should come out for prayer, which I did.

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Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 12th May 2018

Below is the list of allegations made against me in the month of August 2017:

I gave in my statement 2 weeks later. I concluded by writing:


“When I started the night shift and noticed that the patient was deteriorating I immediately informed both the nurse in charge and Senior House Officer (SHO) on call. When I saw changes to the patient I shouted for help thereby alerting both the nurses and doctor present.  Night Practitioner (NP) remained with the patient as I shouted for help, hence patient was not left alone. I did not look for a nurse in CCU as I was not working there.  As doctor approached patient’s room, nurse JM made the crash call. It was not possible for me to perform CPR as 2 senior staffs (FA (NP) and doctor) where present with the patient, whilst I carried out their instructions”.

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Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 7th November 2015

Jesus, there is something about your name!!

Worship song: 

We give glory to your name,

Oh Lord, glory to your name,

Oh, Lord for your name is great

And greatly to be praised!!

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Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 3rd October 2015

We give glory to the Lord He reigns!

Testimonies of what God has done in our lives, especially in Saturday prayer meeting.

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