Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 7th November 2015

Jesus, there is something about your name!!

Worship song: 

We give glory to your name,

Oh Lord, glory to your name,

Oh, Lord for your name is great

And greatly to be praised!!









"A brother said he drops his wife off halfway to her job and park their car nearby to take the train to work. This is a daily routine for them. On a particular morning, his wife got off the car and slammed the door, unfortunenately her coat was caught in the door. Because of this, she was dragged a few yards before her husband realised what had happened. Mercifully, she escaped with minor injuries. Our God watches His precious ones. To Him alone is the glory."

 "A sister said she enjoys being in God's presence with God's people, however when she returns home, her family members will accuse her of going to the prayer meeting. The sister said she travels a long distance to get to the meetings. This indicates how beneficial the prayer meeting is to her. She asked to be prayed for."

 "An elderly sister said she felt weak during prayer and fasting, however she was determined to fast and attend all the meetings. God inclined His ears to her petitions .She was strengthened and was able to attend all the meetings. We serve a God of all flesh of whom nothing is in possible."

 A sister's prayer request during prayer and fasting was that God would touch her in a special way. She knew some gifts have been laid dormant, because of the prayer and fasting, her gifts have been restored. Our sister said she has seen a difference in Her life."

 "A brother said he received a phone call during the prayer and fasting, that his sister in-law has been rushed to hospital, a blood clot was found, our brother was fearful. He prayed during what seemed a challenging period, asking God to send His surgical instrument to this woman. With healing in His wing, the sister is well and was not operated on. When we call on God He answers speedily.  We ascribe greatness unto Him."

 "Our God is a God of mysteries, a brother who was unemployed for over six years testified of His greatness. Not only was he unemployed, his wife also became unemployed. During the difficult period, they were strengthened as a family through the mercies of God. We serve a God of breakthrough. Our brother is now in employment, glory be to God. Jehovah God open's the floodgates when we least expect. Awesome God!


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