Testimonies from Saturday Prayer Meeting - 12th May 2018

Below is the list of allegations made against me in the month of August 2017:

I gave in my statement 2 weeks later. I concluded by writing:


“When I started the night shift and noticed that the patient was deteriorating I immediately informed both the nurse in charge and Senior House Officer (SHO) on call. When I saw changes to the patient I shouted for help thereby alerting both the nurses and doctor present.  Night Practitioner (NP) remained with the patient as I shouted for help, hence patient was not left alone. I did not look for a nurse in CCU as I was not working there.  As doctor approached patient’s room, nurse JM made the crash call. It was not possible for me to perform CPR as 2 senior staffs (FA (NP) and doctor) where present with the patient, whilst I carried out their instructions”.


From the day I received the call about the allegations I was in stock, distress and unable to comprehend the meaning of these allegations. The manager did not even speak to me and a staff who was not working on the ward could make such profound allegation against me remains unbelievable. A fellow human being could treat another in this way!!!

I became more stressed and unable to sleep well as I was not getting a reply to my statement. I would call weekly to check the progress of the response and no answer given.

I could not bear the silence, so I came to the Saturday Morning Prayer. On the second time I came, I came out for prayers. It was following the prayers I felt at peace and was able to sleep.

I continued calling week after week for a response, still none given. 

I made online compliant, it was then things started to move forward. I had a response that said the allegations are not upheld and the case closed.

I was still upset as I was unfairly treated. I took 3 weeks off work due to illness was I believe was stress related in the month of November 2017.

I thank God for answering prayers and peace of mind!!

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