1. Give God Your Very Best Ps Victor Jibuke 16.12.18 55:33
  2. Give God Your Very Best Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.12.18 43:06
  3. Doing All That You Can For Christ Ps Olokode 02.12.18 41:07
  4. Shift- Lord help me to rise to the next level Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 25.11.18 43:27
  5. Samson The Enigma Ps Abraham Sackey 18.11.18 51:46
  6. God will restore the wasted years Ps Jibuke 11.11.18 45:34
  7. Grace Matters (In My Ministry As National Leader) Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 58:18
  8. The Healing Ministry Elder Sam Ajibola - 02.09.18 37:39
  9. The Cry Of The Widow - Ps Vincent James 19.08.18 38:34
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