1. Don't Walk Away Choose His Way Pastor Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 20.01.19. 48:40
  2. You Need A Friend Part 2 Pastor Sackey 13.01.18 1:10:19
  3. Day 3 Serve God With Conviction Ps V Jibuike 11.01.19 27:39
  4. Day 2 - Consecration, Worship and Service ( Worship) Ps E Mbakwe 10.01.19 30:19
  5. Day 1 - Consecration, Worship and Service ( Consecration) Deaconess Tope 9.01.19 35:42
  6. You Need A Friend Part 1 Pastor A Sackey 06.01.19 1:04:01
  7. New Year's Eve Message Pastor Mbakwe 31.12.18 45:51
  8. Give the Christ Your Very Best Ps Sackey Ps Sackey 30.12.18 1:02:45
  9. For unto us a child is born, and we have come to worship Him Ps A Sackey 25.12.18 20:30
  10. Give the Christ your very best- Give your life to Christ Ps Bajomo 23.12.18 32:38
  11. Give God Your Very Best Ps Victor Jibuke 16.12.18 55:33
  12. Give God Your Very Best Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.12.18 43:06
  13. Doing All That You Can For Christ Ps Olokode 02.12.18 41:07
  14. Shift- Lord help me to rise to the next level Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 25.11.18 43:27
  15. Samson The Enigma Ps Abraham Sackey 18.11.18 51:46
  16. God will restore the wasted years Ps Jibuke 11.11.18 45:34
  17. Grace Matters (In My Ministry As National Leader) Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe 58:18
  18. The Healing Ministry Elder Sam Ajibola - 02.09.18 37:39
  19. The Cry Of The Widow Ps Vincent James 19.08.18 38:34
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ANC Ladies

LUKE 1:48

For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;
For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.

Our Vision

…is to see women spiritually equipped and attaining spiritual maturity in order to impact other lives in and outside of church. We want to see women of substance united in purpose who approach the work of God with diligence.

We invite you to a year of exploration, discovering and growth… What does it mean to be ‘Blessed’? Is it a successful career, trusted friends, loving marriage, obedient children, a vibrant ministry, a healthy body, financial abundance etc…. or something totally different; and if so, what could it this possibly mean. In exploring the meaning we wonder what part does faith, love, intimacy and obedience play in the life of a blessed woman.

We know that God longs for every woman to experience His tenderness—and to know the true meaning of being blessed. “They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit”. Jeremiah 17:8

We may use different words like, SUCCESS, PROSPER, INFLUENCE, LEAD, MOVE, LOVE and LIVE. Whatever the word we choose, the meaning is clear. We all want to have purpose and impact the world around us. To be a witness through blessed and abundant living.  That is the beauty and bounty we want to celebrate.

Events & Meetings

17th March 2018

Annual Day Conferences – Prayer Conferences

12th May 2018

Young wives and mothers forum

14th July 2018

Her Faith, Her Food Conference


Ladies Forums on Wednesday evening at the All Nations Centre

14th July 2018

Annual Day Conferences – Her Faith, Her Food Conference

19th – 21st Oct 2018

A Weekend Conference – The Blessed Woman

10th Nov 2018

Young wives and mothers forum

8th Dec 2018

A Christmas Thanksgiving Ball

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