‘A Missional People – Taking the whole gospel to the whole world’

Nikki Karp is part of Skye Bible Church. She has a passion for mission and in early 2019 she is off to Nepal. 

Nepal is no 25 on the Open Doors World Watch List. It is a largely Hindu nation and it is illegal to convert to Christianity there. Please pray that the relationships will develop between the Apostolic Church and their contacts in Nepal. That God will protect, strengthen and guide the Christians in Nepal and the missionaries working there to bring light to dark places and impact Nepal with the gospel.

 ‘I will be involved in a number of activities such as local outreach, evangelism, teaching and so on. Please pray that God will use me to encourage and support the people here.’

Alan and Sandra Skene toured Central and Northern Malawi
This tour concluded with an ordination of the first apostle for the church in the north of the country. Pastor Longwe was ordained during a dynamic service attended by representatives from all of the northern districts. Please pray for him as part of the apostles team which is slowly being established to cover the churches in Malawi.


Zimbabwe has been going through a difficult time but the Apostolic Church in Zimbabwe is continuing to enjoy the presence of God! These are pictures from the 2018 Convention.


Church Planting Programme continues in Brazil.

Praying for the pastors and leaders of group one in Para de Minas, Brazil as they completed Phase A of saturation church-planting training.

Sending them out into their various cities to expand the Kingdom. Exciting future ahead. Pray for their mission!

Lets Pray…
‘Prayer is crucial and underpins everything we do. We need people to join us to pray like never before in an ever-changing world.
We will use the current update as a resource throughout the month of December and take this opportunity to pray for all the news items and prayer requests in this letter.
We asked would you pray for a mission spirit at our annual council (12-14 November). We want to thank you for your response to that and during our time together we heard from God and felt a ‘spurring on’ to go to new places and follow as God leads.

Prayer requests for Malawi

From Malawi Ps. Alan & Sandra Skene ask for prayers for:

1) Upcoming leadership team meetings
2) The launch of eldership training (now being done locally in the districts by trained teachers)
3) Ongoing mentoring to enable layers of leadership even in village churches
4) Protection for missionary families (another family endured a severe attack just over the border in Milange, Mozambique this past week)
5) Travel during our weekly church visits which become a challenge in the rainy season
Prayer request for Angola
Ps. Stuart Wood writes;
‘Can we please pray for Angola. I’ve just heard today that the government have closed our main church in the Milange district (where we are launching a church-planting stream). The government are introducing new legislation that churches need to have a membership of over 60,000 to be considered legal. We have less than 3,000.

It is a growing trend amongst African countries to persecute the church through legislation as we have recently experienced in Rwanda
Please pray that we can find a solution to this situation that enables our brothers and sisters to still meet for communal worship.

Prayer request for Asia

Ps. Mark Andrews visited Nepal from the 28th of November until the 6th of December. From 6th to 8th December he is in Qatar.
During the visit he will be speaking at the end of year graduation at Victory College in Katmandu. While there also we will be talking about the shape of future partnership.

There will also be a meeting and exploring possibilities with a pastor who ministers to the blind and other disabilities. There are 17 families in the congregation. There are also plans to travel to Pokhara – a bus days journey from Katmandu to ‘scout and pray’
The visit to Qatar is at the invitation of a church in Doha. This is an exciting opportunity and we ask for your prayers that it may be an open door into this part of the Middle East.

Prayer for Eastern Europe

Ps. Nigel Bainbridge has been travelling in Albania recently, connecting with the Apostolic Church and during his time there he met with local pastors and also pastors from the Apostolic Church in Italy. Pray for Albania and also the partnerships that are forming. Let’s pray that these partnerships strengthen Gods kingdom to bring the people to Christ in this area.

There has been recent aggravation between Russia and Ukraine please pray for wisdom for the Russian and Ukrainian governments as they decide how to respond to the situation in Crimea.

What’s happening at ANC?

People Point Supporting the work of God at ANC (missions)
Going out into the community – Fulfilling the great commission of the church – Matthew 28:19 -20
Every Friday – Youth Alive Club YOUTH ALIVE, at Kennington Park Estate
Homework Club
First Stop Legal Advice
Practical ways of showing the love of God – FOOD BANK

Target for 2018/19 = £20,000
Sept 2018 – £1215.15
Oct 2018 – £1116.62
Nov 2018 – £1155.59

Missionary Reports

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