During our Prayer and Fasting week we were honoured  to have Reverend David Shosanya minister to us on our new topic New Year, New Me!

Before leaving we managed to catch up with him and ask some personal questions. Here were his responses!

1.Name a highlight of last year personal or ministerial.
The whole year was a hi-light as God carried me through and brought me into a large and fruitful place on eagles wings. I experienced His Grace, love and mercy in an incredible and unusual way for which I am grateful.
2.Tell us your favourite scripture/ passage of last year and why? 
Jeremiah 29, 31 – 33 If you read it you’ll know why!
3.Thoughts on Brexit in one sentence
An unfortunate and unnecessary debacle.
4. Name 2 things you pray about regarding Britain
Good, fair, compassionate and well intentioned leadership (government and opposition).
Young people and gun / knife crime.
5. Do you make new year resolutions?
Not normally but this year I have: to be tirelessly committed and consistent in all that I do (without loosing perspective or neglecting self care).
6. Why do some people find change difficult ? 
I do not think we pay adequate attention to the impact our past experiences have on us and how they can anchor us there. As a consequence we are not able to embrace the future as we would like. Past regrets need to be reconciled before future possibilities can be actualised.
7. Have you got a book you would recommend for the new year? 
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Cove. It’s an old classic that I am re-reading and it is inspiring me. (I’m cheating by adding a second book called SOAR by T. D. Jakes)
8. Tell us something exciting you are doing this year.
Writing a book about overcoming life challenges which will be published in March 2020.
A special thanks goes to Reverend David for the revelation and wisdom he has brought through his teaching in this interview and from his sermons!
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