We had such a blessed weekend and we thank God for His presence. We pray that we do not forget everything we learnt from the weekend and that we continue to walk in His calling!

I went to the retreat expecting to hear from God and guess what, He showed up just as I was about to give up. The message was so on point it was scary. So yes, God is great all the time!Sister J

I simply wanted to be there. I was not prepared ( I didn't know God would go there )for the word by Ruth Swift but I was certainly gladdened by it because for me God raised the bar and gave me a word.Sister F

God made a promise and fulfilled it to much more than I expected. I felt His presence, I felt His love and I yearn for Him. I am glad I did not miss His words and His reassurance that He is Lord. I am born again.Sister R

The retreat was amazing and exceeded my expectations. God confirmed to me that He wants me to be a missional woman.Sister S

We were commissioned to go out and be missional. Spread the gospel to all and not let anything hinder us. Women on a mission!Deaconess S

The woman's retreat 2019 was a time of refreshing and re-evaluating our vantage point! A poignant reminder was that at times, it's not that God has moved, but that we have to move our positions to see the necessary change in our situations.Sister A

ANC Ladies

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