Each year, the ANC Men’s Leadership team wait on the Lord for guidance; and this year, we were led by the Holy Spirit to call on all Men, to do great exploits for the Lord.

Inspired by Daniel 11:32b, which translates to; “those who know their God shall be strong and do mighty exploits”.

An apt calling upon Men to arise and begin doing exploits for God; given the increasing darkness that we see all around us in Society today – with crime levels ever growing and the structures of communities under ever severe attack.


The time for timidity is over; God is calling us Men, to arise and start doing exploits; that will shine the light of His goodness and mercy for the World around us to see His goodness and experience His mercy. The answer to our society and nation’s problems is in our Lord Jesus; and it’s through us that he wants and will show his kindness.



Christianity is the channel that God has chosen to demonstrate His power on Earth. As men who have given their lives to Jesus and accepted him as saviour, called to be disciples, we all have a commission to share God’s love and good news.

Doing “good” exploits, is a powerful way of showcasing God’s love, grace and solutions to the problems of our immediate and wider nation. The times need our exploits for God,  TODAY

Planned Expectations:

  • Renewal of Men’s focus to get up and be about God’s business of shining His light in a darkening World.
  • To shine and do exploits, we must be re-dedicated to God. Value the things of God more; seek daily his strength and grace to work more in his vineyard.
  • We need to be richer in the things of God so that we can do more sharing of His grace through doing more good exploits


The energizing of Men’s to go forth and do more exploits for God.

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