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Please note that COVID Restrictions are still in place until mid-july in england. See for more details

COVID-19 notice - Letter from Ps Sackey

August 2020


On behalf of the leadership of the ANC Church family, I thank you for your continued support in terms of participation in the online church services, prayer meetings, various group meetings, finance and keeping in touch with others to ensure emotional wellbeing and support.

I thank those who have come to the kingdom at such a time as this to provide the high quality of recorded services that have proved to be a valuable ministry from the onset of the pandemic when the situation made many fearful, apprehensive and isolated.

Thanks to the Men’s Ministry, the Women’s Ministry and the Children’s Ministry for the invaluable ministry provided so far.

There was a requirement from the National Office for a risk assessment relating to re-opening for in-person attendance to be completed and submitted for approval. A team was formed that duly completed the risk assessment which has been approved. I thank the team for completing the task well ahead of schedule. The submission was described as “the most comprehensive risk assessment received so far”.

Another team was set up to look into the implications of the extension to the congestion charge and possible ways of mitigating the financial burden and other logistical difficulties implicit in this decision by the Mayor of London. A report has been submitted to the presbytery but further planning and consideration of options for securing of facilities are ongoing. Progress with regards to this will be communicated in due course, so we kindly request your patience.

Our prayer is that the changes will be reversed before we return. Please make this a top priority in your daily prayers.

The implications and realities on re-opening listed below are subject to change as the government revises guidelines to combat the spread of the virus.

Complying with social distancing guidelines mean that the total number of people at any one service will be in the region of 70 – 80.

Listed below a few of the restrictions and conditions for those attending. As previously stated please bear in mind that what is listed below is subject to frequent changes by the government.

  • There will be no congregational singing
  • Registration must be approved before attending – No registration no entry
  • No food
  • No over 70’s
  • No Sunday School
  • Face masks to be worn at all times
  • Complying with track and trace, all attendees must be checked in/out and telephone numbers will be taken at the door
  • Possibility of taking temperatures at the door One way in and another way out
  • No socialising with others from different “bubbles”

At this stage it is worth pointing out that the effort expended in putting together the online services are much more than what is required for in-person attendance.

Nothing will give us much joy like the return to in-person Church worship. However, our overriding concern is for the health and life of our members. No doubt you have heard of churches that have reopened only to close again due to the spread of the virus.

As a leadership, we greatly solicit your ever increasing support in prayer, fasting and intercession.

Let us continue to work to ensure that we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers in this period of enforced isolation and social distancing.

We have stated and will continue to state each week that we will return stronger and fitter for the Master’s use and for His glory. Let us pray that this will not end up being just a slogan but a reality born out of intentionality and the grace of God. We must take advantage of the “silver lining” in this pandemic. Please expect a period of prayer and fasting before we return.

Please ensure you visit the announcements page of the ANC church website on for the latest update and plans on re-opening and the ramifications of the congestion charge.

Also visit (Premier Christian News) for an article that will help us all appreciate the magnitude and complexity involved in the process to get us back to in-person church – we are not alone.

The Lord bless and keep all of us under the canopy of His wings


On the behalf of the leadership of the All Nations Centre, The Apostolic Church

Abraham Sackey

notice from the ANC Re-openening planning team

covid-19 return notice
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