1. New Year's Eve Message Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 31.12.18 45:51
  2. Give The Christ Your Very Best Pastor Abraham Sackey 30.12.18 1:02:45
  3. For Unto Us a Child is Born, and We Have Come to Worship Him Pastor Abraham Sackey 25.12.18 20:30
  4. Give The Christ Your Very Best- Give Your life to Christ Pastor Edwin Bajomo 23.12.18 32:38
  5. Give God Your Very Best Pastor Victor Jibuke 16.12.18 55:33
  6. Give God Your Very Best Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.12.18 43:06
  7. Doing All That You Can For Christ Pastor Ebenezer Olokode 02.12.18 41:07
  8. Shift- Lord Help Me to Rise to The Next Level Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 25.11.18 43:27
  9. Samson The Enigma Pastor Abraham Sackey 18.11.18 51:46
  10. God Will Restore The Wasted Years Pastor Victor Jibuke 11.11.18 45:34
  11. Grace Matters (In My Ministry As National Leader) Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.09.18 58:18
  12. The Healing Ministry Elder Sam Ajibola 02.09.18 37:39
  13. The Cry Of The Widow Pastor Vincent James 19.08.18 38:34
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ANC Kids

What do the sessions involve?

The Children’s Ministry intends to form a solid foundation, acting as a springboard, to equip the children in taking right and effective decisions in their current and latter stages of life.

To aid their understanding of Christianity, with monthly themes, all children are presented with age-appropriate and relevant and simplistic Biblical scriptures, concepts, stories, to relate to their everyday lives. This can be presented in the format of Bible recitals, music, arts, discussions, drama, quizzes, games, creative writing and other learning tools.

The lessons also give space for the children to interact with each other and build on their knowledge in an environment dedicated for them and their needs.

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