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Welcome to the ANC MEn's MINISTRY PAGE

The last two years has been eventful during these challenging but in everything we give God thanks.

We have managed to hold several meetings, prayer sessions, workshops and more thanks to technology. We thank God that during this time our men have still been equipped and encouraged in the things of God.


This November the men gathered for their mini men’s conference. It was titled ‘Looking back with thanks, moving forward with hope.’

We thank God for the opportunity to impact lives. 

If you  would like a copy of the presentation notes we have made them available for you here to download (PDF version).


The men’s ministry love quality bonding time and a trip to the bowling alley was no exception. Why don’t you join us next time, the more the merrier!



Men at table
men stading in a line

 Some of the team at a mid week  social outing at the bowling alley.

Men bowling

Men's Outreach Team - Who are we?

MOT is made up of a dedicated and committed group of ANC men who have taken up the mandate of overseeing the welfare of ANC men. The group is strategically structured in a way that reflects relevant skills and abilities that would help members to efficiently offer support and help to ANC men and their families in any area of their lives that requires support.

Apart from being spiritually filled and having passion to help others, members of MOT are drawn from various profession such as; the Medical, Educators, Law, Finance etc. above all, they are approachable and good listeners. The followings are some of the things we do.

The Need for Outreach Work

Today the body of Christ needs more outreach work than ever before.; this is because the challenges faced by believers including men are numerous yet, it’s almost like a taboo for men to talk about them or share their concerns and issues with others.

Men’s Outreach Team creates opportunities to engage men in meaningful discussion in order to

  1. strengthen and encourage our brothers who are facing challenges
  2. share the love of God with ALL men and bring them closer to God
  3. encourage men to serve God faithfully and attend church services regularly
  4. provide support to those who are weak and needed

How does it Impact Lives?

The work we do is having positive impact on our men. Many lives have been touched and transformed through our prayers, visitation, help and support. By the grace of God, we’ve seen men (non-ANC members) gave their lives to Christ in some of our visit to the hospital. Some have testified how God turned their lives around through the work of MOT. We are expecting more testimonies because we know that our God is on the move to bless and change the lives of our brothers through MOT ministry. If you are touched by the work we do please, send in your testimony above all, share your testimony with someone as an encouragement for them to serve and trust in God.

MOT - The History

MOT was formed in 2007 during the ANC Men’s annual conference in Wycliffe Christian Centre in line with the direction of the Holy Spirit which was evidently present in a special meeting convened by ANC men leadership.

At the end of the meeting it was unanimously agreed by ANC men and the leaders to choose men who will oversee the welfare of all ANC men.

Three men were chosen as a result and were commissioned by our Senior Pastor, Apostle Abraham Sackey the same afternoon. Since then, the three men and other brothers who later joined the group came up with the name ‘MOT’ – Men’s Outreach Team.

This group operates in the background carrying out the core functions of ANC men’s group with Pastor Udoh overseeing the work of the group.

Though the group has lost two core and committed members; Dr. Umoren and Bro Eric of blessed memory, the ministry is becoming stronger and stronger in serving the Lord through outreach work, visitations and support to ANC men.

Get Involved

In Mathew 9:37 Jesus said to His disciples; “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few…”, this is our message to ANC men. Please join us and get involve for the work is great and rewarding. Let’s be our brother’s keeper. All you need to become part of what God is using MOT to do is a heart to serve and a heart for people. If you are interested in joining us please, do get in touch with any member of the team.

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