1. New Year's Eve Message Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 31.12.18 45:51
  2. Give The Christ Your Very Best Pastor Abraham Sackey 30.12.18 1:02:45
  3. For Unto Us a Child is Born, and We Have Come to Worship Him Pastor Abraham Sackey 25.12.18 20:30
  4. Give The Christ Your Very Best- Give Your life to Christ Pastor Edwin Bajomo 23.12.18 32:38
  5. Give God Your Very Best Pastor Victor Jibuke 16.12.18 55:33
  6. Give God Your Very Best Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.12.18 43:06
  7. Doing All That You Can For Christ Pastor Ebenezer Olokode 02.12.18 41:07
  8. Shift- Lord Help Me to Rise to The Next Level Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 25.11.18 43:27
  9. Samson The Enigma Pastor Abraham Sackey 18.11.18 51:46
  10. God Will Restore The Wasted Years Pastor Victor Jibuke 11.11.18 45:34
  11. Grace Matters (In My Ministry As National Leader) Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe 09.09.18 58:18
  12. The Healing Ministry Elder Sam Ajibola 02.09.18 37:39
  13. The Cry Of The Widow Pastor Vincent James 19.08.18 38:34
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Here are some other Christian websites you might enjoy exploring.

Our other micro sites.

  • AblazeUK website.
    AblazeUK is a ministry resource, conference and convention programme sponsored by The Apostolic Church, for the benefit of Christians and non-Christians in the United Kingdom and beyond.
  • Lighthouse Education Service (LES) micro website.
    This is the church’s social action and community outreach ministry. It aims to make a lasting difference to lives in the community through education, training, development and other life-enhancing initiatives.

Other organisations we support.

  • The Lighthouse Group
    The Lighthouse Group helps young people who are at crisis in their education. They work with young people who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from school.


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